‘A Teacher’: Review by Ff2 Media

LindsayBurdgeMore of a narrative short than a full feature, but for all that, Hannah Fidell’s film is intense & gripping thru-out.

High school teacher “Diana” (Lindsay Burdge) falls in love with “Eric”(Will Brittain) who is one of her students. Eric is attentive & solicitous but when Diana grows cautious & pulls back from their relationship, Eric moves on & Diana freaks out.

Would back story have made this film better? Rich wanted more but Jan thinks the film’s strength is “capturing the moment,” therefore more [story] would likely have meant less [intensity].

Lindsay Burdge is a compelling presence. She is in every scene & it is terrifying to watch her unravel. (JLH: 4/5) Click HERE to read our FF2 Haiku.


Top Photo: Lindsay Burdge as “Diana.”

Bottom Photo: While serving as chaperone at a dance, Diana sees Eric romancing another student. Later she sees the oblivious girl–where else–in the Ladies Room…

Photo Credits?


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