AboutSweetThis Valentine’s Day release is a vat of Sweet & Sour Pork directed by Steve Pink & written by Leslye Headland.

Set now in the upwardly mobile LA-based African-American Singles Scene, there is a sweet couple at the center–played by Joy Bryant & Michael Ealy–with both members incredibly gorgeous & thoroughly romantic in a mushy/gushy way. This is the couple that walks their hood with an adorable little doggie named Pacino. Aw!

Meanwhile the sour couple–played by Regina Hall & Kevin Hart–provides the raunchy comic relief. Lots of drinking. Lots of sex. Lots of laughs.

About Last Night is a remake of an already filmed David Mamet play originally called Sexual Perversity in Chicago from 1986, which starred Demi Moore & Rob Lowe as the sweeties, & Elizabeth Perkins & Jim Belushi as their comic foils.

For sure there is nothing wrong with spending a couple of relaxing hours over a long holiday weekend in Fantasy Land. (JLH: 3/5)

Click HERE for our FF2 Haiku. Not yet seen by Rich.

Kevin Hart;Regina Hall

Top Photo: Danny” (Michael Ealy) romances “Debbie” (Joy Bryant).

Bottom Photo: “Bernie” (Kevin Hart) is hot, hot, hot for “Joan” (Regina Hall).

Photo Credits: Matt Kennedy

Q: Does About Last Night (2014) pass the Bechdel Test? Yes…DigitalStampA

Even though Debbie & Joan do spend most of their time together discussing their guy problems, there is also just enough logistical roommate talk–when to move out, when to move back in, & who is living with whom in the interim–to push About Last Night (2014) over the Bechdel Barrier.


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