OUR TIME WILL COME (2017): Review by Peier Tracy Shen

Ann Hui’s latest film, Our Time Will Come, is a woman’s take on what has been a guy’s subject—war. It is so easy to imagine another movie: set in the same Japanese-occupied Hong Kong during World War II, the story somehow pivots towards more familiar figures (traditionally male roles) like a hero with roguish charms,… Continue reading OUR TIME WILL COME (2017): Review by Peier Tracy Shen

13 MINUTES (2017): Review by Peier Shen

13 Minutes, written by Léonie-Claire and Fred Breinersdorfer, isn’t bad. In a strange way, it might be perfect in its mediocrity. It is all very well told of a story of a forgotten hero, Georg Elser, a fiercely independent and out-of-luck assassin of the Führer. Not a scene missing. Not a sequence misplaced. But it’s… Continue reading 13 MINUTES (2017): Review by Peier Shen


The world is not coming to an end. With news like the budget cut at the Environmental Protection Agency and the US’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, Tomorrow (Demain), directed by Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent, is a welcomed feel-good documentary. Instead of dwelling on the gravity of eco problems, the film takes a rare… Continue reading TOMORROW


Meant for a bedazzling golden sequin dress, Sharon Jones owns the stage as she stomps, and twirls, and sings with mighty strength after a nasty battle with cancer. If you don’t know this American soul and funk diva already, it’s not easy to forget her this time in Academy Award winning director, Barbara Kopple’s new… Continue reading MISS SHARON JONES!