Bye Bye Heidi

The 2015 revival of The Heidi Chronicles closed early on Sunday, May 3rd … A shame, but not a total surprise… “Although Sofonisba was praised in the seventeenth century as being a portraitist equal to Titian, and at least thirty of her painting remain known to us, there is no trace of her or any… Continue reading Bye Bye Heidi

IndieWIRE Box Office Report

     Based on mid-year stats, SUNSHINE CLEANING (directed by Christine Jeffs & based on an original screenplay by Megan Holley) is already one of ’09 big Indie winners: Hooray!  Hooray!  Open IndieWIRE article & read to the bottom, & you will see that THE HURT LOCKER is following a similar distribution path.      So do… Continue reading IndieWIRE Box Office Report


 One of last year’s best films premieres on HBO tonight!  TROUBLE THE WATER is a not-to-be-missed documentary by Tia Lessin & Carl Deal featuring footage shot by rap artist Kimberly Roberts as she faced the rising waters of Hurricane Katrina. TROUBLE THE WATER is a must-see film, included on our FF2 ‘08 TWOZIES List. Click HERE… Continue reading See TROUBLE THE WATER on HBO!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Sending best wishes to all our cyber friends!  Jan (& Rich) PS: I didn’t add the pink bow.  It came on the card.  How perfect!

A More Perfect Union…

Click here to download “Jan’s Inauguration Kit” as a pdf.       I have updated my Café Press items for Inauguration Day.  Enjoy J

Bravo, Martha Lauzen!

Read Melisssa Silverstein’s article about Lauzen’s important new recent research!  Women in the audience are NOT a “niche.”  We are approximately half of humanity & therefore approximately half of all potential ticket buyers, so it’s time we demand the kind of films WE want to see!!!

To My “Camp Obama” Friends

     To all my Chicago friends who couldn’t make yesterday’s HOUNDDOG reception because you were working hard in support of Barack Obama’s campaign: We are fighting this good fight together! When you see HOUNDDOG, you will see a beautiful young girl cruelly abused. If John McCain & Sarah Palin rule the world, then a child… Continue reading To My “Camp Obama” Friends

DINNER @ JANE’S in Chgo & Carbondale!

Read Article in Carbondale SOUTHERN SIU-C Program Description (pdf) Chicago Branch was the very first AAUW-Illinois branch to see DINNER AT JANE’S at a program hosted by the DePaul University’s Women’s Center on DePaul’s downtown campus. Our special guest speaker was Mary Ann Johnson who was the Executive Director of the Hull-House Museum in 1993 when… Continue reading DINNER @ JANE’S in Chgo & Carbondale!

FWA Posts Penny’s Reviews!

Thanks to FWA Executive Director Martha Richards, Penny is now posting full reviews of new films by women directors & screenwriters on the website managed by the FUND FOR WOMEN ARTISTS.  The first two reviews (of 2 DAYS in PARIS & THE NANNY DIARIES) are already live. Thanks, Martha!!!