Returning home after many years abroad, a French intellectual–now in middle age–finds himself bombarded by memories (with precious few actual face-to-face encounters). Unfortunately,  director Arnaud Desplechin’s film (which he co-wrote with screenwriter Julie Peyr) is solipsistic in the extreme, and since “Paul” (Mathieu Amalric) doesn’t really seem to care about anyone but himself, it becomes very hard… Continue reading MY GOLDEN DAYS


A Romanian Ethnologist (Mathieu Amalric) is called to a hospital in Topeka, Kansas (home of the world-famous Menninger Clinic) to treat a troubled Native American WWII Vet (Benicio Del Toro). Jimmy P is based on a real case study by George Devereux that was published in English in 1951 (Reality and Dream: Psychotherapy of a Plains Indian) &… Continue reading JIMMY P.