ANNIE (2014)

Latest update of cartoon heroine from the Great Depression finds the irrepressible tween warming the heart a Telecom zillionaire (Jamie Foxx) and teaching life lessons to a depressed foster mother (Cameron Diaz) & a repressed workaholic (Rose Byrne). Not bad, but not good either. The worst problem is that no one in the cast can really… Continue reading ANNIE (2014)


“Jay” (Jason Segal) & “Annie” (Cameron Diaz) send their kids to grandma one night, then record themselves working their way thru all the moves in THE JOY OF SEX… only to realize in the morning that they have inadvertently uploaded their tape into cyberspace. Rich only saw the crude in this, but Jan thought she detected… Continue reading SEX TAPE


A workaholic Manhattan lawyer named “Carly” (Cameron Diaz) discovers that her new squeeze has a wife named “Kate” (Leslie Mann) tucked away in a huge house in the burbs! And then they find him playing at the beach with yet another gorgeous–and very young–GalPal named “Amber” (Kate Upton) — Eek! Punishing duplicitous “Mark” (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) begins… Continue reading THE OTHER WOMAN