Ghostbusters 2016 (aka GB16) is manna from heaven in the multiplex dessert. Most women don’t want to live in a world without men, or be “better” than men (whatever that might mean); we just want equality. Equality means telling our stories, making fools of ourselves, and cheering women on when they grab for the brass ring. Equality means more representation… Continue reading GHOSTBUSTERS NYC


Melissa McCarthy is back as screenwriter and star of The Boss. Thoroughly entertaining, The Boss follows successful mogul “Michelle Darnell” (McCarthy) who is dethroned from her seat atop industry when she is sentenced to prison for insider trading. When she is released Michelle must rebuild her empire, but this time around she must think outside… Continue reading THE BOSS


Screenwriter and star of The Bronze, Melissa Rauch (The Big Bang Theory) brings us a quirky comedy about a retired Olympic gymnast “Hope Ann Greggory” (Rauch) who is desperately clinging to her fifteen minutes of fame years after winning her bronze medal. Approached with a deal including a whole lot of cash, Greggory must decide… Continue reading THE BRONZE