A scathing expose of the cultural and industry contributors to the current cancer epidemic, Meghan O’Hara’s The C Word provides an easily digestible education to the public on the lifestyle choices that contribute to cancer risk, while providing guidelines for creating healthier habits.  (EML: 3.5/5) Review by FF2 Associate Eliana M. Levenson Documentary filmmaker Meghan… Continue reading THE C WORD


A heartbreaking portrayal of drug addiction and homelessness, writers Maria Nation and Tim John’s cinematic rendition of the true story and bestselling novel,  A Street Cat Named Bob, forces audiences to stare the horrors of these issues in the face with bluntness and honesty. (EML: 4/5) Review by FF2 Associate Eliana M. Levenson The film… Continue reading A STREET CAT NAMED BOB


Director Janina Quint explores the continued complexities of the relationships and interactions between Jews and Germans, in the direct and continued aftermath of World War II. Through talking head interviews, images of German life from then and now, and a continued thread of a Jewish/non-Jewish German dinner party, Germans and Jews attempts to answers the… Continue reading GERMANS & JEWS


Told through the lens of the youngest of five sisters, Mustang explores the emotional turmoil faced by young women in a small Turkish village. Director Deniz Gamze Ergüven masterfully portrays the struggles that the sisters face within their strict, traditional culture, as they begin to discover and express their sexuality. (EML: 4.5/5) Review by FF2 Associate Eliana… Continue reading MUSTANG


Jan’s JCC Manhattan Sneak Peak Linor Abargil was a candidate for “Miss World” when she was brutally raped by someone she thought was a colleague. The Italians would do nothing, but the Israelis arrested him when they both got home. Excellent doc by Cecilia Peck focuses on Linor’s attempt to recover from her trauma by… Continue reading BRAVE MISS WORLD