In her intimate and extremely personal documentary, From This Day Forward, director Sharon Shattuck dares to ask the questions that have gone unanswered since the day her father came out as transgender. Delving into her family’s unresolved past and shedding light on both the internal and external struggles of feeling out of place in your… Continue reading FROM THIS DAY FORWARD


Miss India America, written by Meera Simhan and Ravi Kapoor, delivers a whole lot of laughs in a coming of age story about accepting the curveballs life can throw at you. “Lily Prasad” (Tiya Sircar) has her life all planned out. But when a wrench gets thrown into her perfect plan, Lily decides to enter… Continue reading MISS INDIA AMERICA


Written by director Joan Carr-Wiggin and Savitri Gordian, Happily ever After is a story about friendship, family, and coming home. “Heather” (Janet Montgomery) had successfully escaped her small town. But when her father’s health-scare calls her back into town, Heather reflects back on all she’s missed and friendships she’s lost. (JEP: 3.5/5) Review by Contributing… Continue reading HAPPILY EVER AFTER


Written by Ayesha DeVitre and director Shakun Batra, Kapoor and Sons is an entertaining Indian drama about family, love, and loss…with a good few laughs thrown in for good measure of course! Two estranged brothers, who are opposites in almost every way, find themselves both back home again when a family health scare demands their… Continue reading KAPOOR AND SONS


Ho Mann Jahaan is a 3-hour dramatic Pakistani coming of age story, delivered by a directing team that includes filmmaker Shehrazade Sheikh. Three friends seek to pursue music together once they graduate from college. But outside pressures build, and pursuing their dream of music within a conservative culture may not be as easy as planned.… Continue reading HO MANN JAHAAN


Written and directed by Diane Bell, Bleeding Heart is a small story with big moments, portraying the lengths one will go to for family, even family you just met. “May” (Jessica Biel) meets her long lost sister “Shiva” (Zosia Mamet) and the two quickly grow close. But when Shiva’s abusive boyfriend begins to threaten Shiva’s… Continue reading BLEEDING HART


Full Title = Ingrid Bergman In Her Own Words Utilizing diary entries, letters, and home movie footage, Ingrid Bergman: In Her Own Words brings you behind the scenes and into the life of one of the world’s greatest film stars. A masterful script by Stina Gardell,  Stig Bjorkman, and Dominika Daubenbuchel triumphs in its use… Continue reading INGRID BERGMAN IHOW


Directed by Catherine Harwicke and written by Morwenna Banks, Miss You Already is an emotionally poignant film about two best friends “Jess” (Drew Barrymore) and “Milly” (Toni Collette) who have stayed close through thick and thin. But everything changes when Milly is diagnosed with breast cancer, and the two struggle to deal with this new… Continue reading MISS YOU ALREADY


Written and directed by Ally Walker, Sex, Death and Bowling follows a young boy as he struggles with his views on the afterlife and what it all means for his terminally ill father. When his estranged uncle returns home, the family is able to mend some of their broken ties when a bowling tournament puts… Continue reading SEX, DEATH & BOWLING


In My Father’s House is a touching and thought-provoking documentary written and directed by Anne Sundberg and Ricki Stern. The film follows rapper Che ‘Rhymefest’ Smith as he reunites with his estranged father Brian. Through all the ups and downs, the two men work hard to learn where they fit into each other’s lives now,… Continue reading IN MY FATHER’S HOUSE


Addicted to Fresno, written by Karey Dornetto and directed by Jamie Babbit, is a quirky comedy about two sisters living monotonous lives as hotel maids, when everything is suddenly turned upside down when they find themselves covering up a murder. (JEP: 3.5/5) Review by Contributing Editor Jessica E. Perry “Martha” (Natasha Lyonne) is satisfied with… Continue reading ADDICTED TO FRESNO


Written and directed by Dominique Schilling, A Reason is a perfectly fine film about a dysfunctional family who all come together when their elderly aunt falls ill, solely to be present for the reading of her will. (JEP: 3/5) Review by Contributing Editor Jessica E. Perry After a long and monotonous opening sequence, “Serena” (Magda… Continue reading A REASON


Written and directed by Anna Muylaert, The Second Mother follows Val, a live-in housekeeper who is like a mother to the son of the family she works for, but has been estranged from her own daughter for years. Muylaert delivers a subtle yet beautiful dramatic film about family and second chances. (JEP: 4/5) Review by… Continue reading THE SECOND MOTHER


Written by Diablo Cody, Ricki and the Flash is a feel good film about an absentee rock star mother, who returns home to provide support for her daughter in her time of need. Upon returning home, Ricki must come to terms with the effects her absence has had on her children and make amends for… Continue reading RICKI & THE FLASH


Jenny has come out to everyone in her life, except for her conservative family. Moved to stop living a lie, Jenny proposes to her girlfriend and finds the strength to tell her parents the good news. But they do not take it well, and the characters struggle with the shift in their world, coming to… Continue reading JENNY’S WEDDING