Directed and co-written by French filmmaker and actress Fabienne Berthaud, Sky follows “Romy” (Diane Kruger) as she drives through the open skylines and cities of the American Southwest. Romy is newly separated from her stifling marriage, and she searches for meaning in her new adventures. The fascinatingly dark characters she meets, along with a beautiful… Continue reading SKY


Writers Jean-Claude Carrière, Caroline Deruas-Garrel, Arlette Langman, and Philippe Garrel illustrate a sentimental and hilariously complicated romance. Casually set against Parisian architecture and in soft black-and-white, director Philippe Garrel crafts In the Shadow of Women beautifully. “Pierre” (Stanislas Merhar) and “Manon” (Clotilde Courau) seem to be having trouble with both their artistic ambitions and their… Continue reading IN THE SHADOW OF WOMEN


A quintessential French film, Fever was written by Alice Zeniter and director Raphaël Neal, and based on a novel written by Leslie Kaplan. “By chance” two young men murder a stranger and must live with what they have done, and suffer the consequences—or lack thereof—for committing such a crime. (JEP: 3/5) Pour qu’il y ait un… Continue reading FEVER