Filled with meaningful interviews and beautiful landscape shots, Catching the Sun is a powerful documentary about the international movement towards using “green energy,” and the benefits that will come with using clean energy, both financial and health-related. Why is America falling behind other world powers China and Germany in this industry? Why should we care?… Continue reading CATCHING THE SUN


Victoria is a stunning achievement. Laia Costa is absolutely brilliant as “Victoria,” a young woman from Spain who moves to Germany knowing no one and not speaking the language. One night while out at a club, she meets a group of four young men. What begins as a night of fun quickly warps into one… Continue reading VICTORIA


Labyrinth of Lies is a superb German film written by Elisabeth Bartel and Giulio Ricciarelli about the Frankfurt Auschwitz trials, which ran from 1963 to 1965 and convicted 22 men for their roles in the Holocaust. A young and driven lawyer, “Johann Radmann” (Alexander Fehling), seeks to bring the truth to light about the crimes… Continue reading LABYRINTH OF LIES