In a tender reimagining of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince, director Mark Osborne and writers Irena Brignull and Bob Persichetti bring us an entirely new protagonist, a “Little Girl” (voiced by Mackenzie Foy), who is captivated by the Little Prince’s classic tale. As the Little Girl figures the story out for herself, Saint-Exupéry’s poignant… Continue reading THE LITTLE PRINCE


Written and directed by Pamela Romanowsky, The Adderall Diaries is based on Stephen Elliott’s memoir that shares the same name. Writer Stephen Elliot, played by James Franco, has to go through an unconvincing journey from drug addiction and self-affliction to confront his guilt-ridden past and to forgive his abusive father. (PS: 1.5/5) Review by FF2… Continue reading THE ADDERALL DIARIES


Three kids who share the same 5th grade classroom have portentous coming-of-age adventures vaguely connected to the growing presence of mountain lions on the outskirts of their upscale suburban community. OK, I get it: Boys will be boys… And filmmaker Gabrielle Demeestere–who both wrote and directed a screenplay based on stories by James Franco–doesn’t need permission from… Continue reading YOSEMITE


Review of The Color of Time by Associate Editor Brigid K. Presecky James Franco and 11 of his NYU graduate students attempt to bring C.K. Williams’ poetry to life in The Color of Time. With a stellar cast including Mila Kunis, Zach Braff, and Jessica Chastain, the film sacrifices narrative structure for the sake of… Continue reading THE COLOR OF TIME


Debut feature by  Gia Coppola (the 3rd generation of Coppola filmmakers) focuses on the relationship between two teenage boys — “Teddy” (Jack Kilmer) and “Fred” (Nat Wolff) — who egg each other on to ever more dangerous behavior (drinking, drugs, reckless driving, etc). Kilmer and Wolff are both good, charismatic young actors, but Palo Alto… Continue reading PALO ALTO