Under the leadership of child-fearing, type A, borderline alcoholic, “Annie” (Melanie Lynskey), four couples return to a sprawling childhood summer home for a weekend away. But the weekend getaway is actually an artful guise for a marital intervention the group has planned for one of the couples. As tensions run high, friendships are tested and… Continue reading THE INTERVENTION


A guy carries an engagement ring around for years, but can’t quite bring himself to propose to his long time live-in girlfriend. Eventually she gives up, leaves town, and moves in with relatives in Paris. Once she’s gone, of course, he hops the next plane and shows up on her doorstep unannounced to beg for… Continue reading WE’LL NEVER HAVE PARIS


I Am I begins with a parallel of two characters: writer/director Jocelyn Towne as “Rachel,” reeling from the loss of her mother Sarah and “Gene,” (Kevin Tighe) an elderly man in a nursing home. We get to know both of them from the feet up, with the camera alternating back and forth between the two of… Continue reading I AM I