When his sister, and interim CEO threatens to close his Chicago branch after the holidays, branch manager “Clay Vanstone” (T.J. Miller) throws an epic Christmas party to land a huge account in order to successfully secure his branch’s success. Written by Laura Solon, Justin Malen, and Dan Mazer, and boasting a stellar comedic cast, Office… Continue reading OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY


Screenwriters Anya Kochoff, Matthew Walker, and Tom Hines weave multiple narratives together, each story resolving itself on Mother’s Day. With a star-studded cast, director Gary Marshall delivers an overall enjoyable rom-com. Don’t expect much more than a few laughs and zany storylines from the film and you’ll walk out of the theater with a smile… Continue reading MOTHER’S DAY


Originally titled Squirrels to the Nuts – which would have been more fitting – Director Peter Bogdanovich and co-writer Louise Stratten make their screwball comedy comeback in She’s Funny That Way. Led by Owen Wilson and British beauty Imogen Poots, the film tells a slightly entertaining, slightly humdrum tale of a romantically entangled web of… Continue reading SHE’S FUNNY THAT WAY