Read Senior Contributor Lesley Coffin’s Q&A with Director Sophie Goodhart HERE. Nick Kroll stars as a struggling singleton in the shadow of his overachieving blind brother (Adam Scott). Writer/Director Sophie Goodhart manages to tell a sweet, funny love story using a common plot device of two guys, a girl … and a lake instead of… Continue reading MY BLIND BROTHER


Disney Animation has done it again, breaking records with their new release Zootopia. The film tells the story of one young rabbit, “Judy Hopps” (Ginnifer Goodwin) who is determined to prove herself as the first bunny on the ZPD police force. And when someone begins to target and kidnap predators, Judy just may have her… Continue reading ZOOTOPIA


As “Donna,” Jenny Slate is a cookbook version of a New-York-Jewish-Girl: by day she works in an Indie bookstore while at night she performs in a rundown comedy club. Donna may have lousy luck with men, but her indulgent friends think she is brilliant, and her supportive parents offer her the illusion of independence (no… Continue reading OBVIOUS CHILD