Jenny has come out to everyone in her life, except for her conservative family. Moved to stop living a lie, Jenny proposes to her girlfriend and finds the strength to tell her parents the good news. But they do not take it well, and the characters struggle with the shift in their world, coming to… Continue reading JENNY’S WEDDING


Writer/director Ami Canaan Mann tells a sweet love story between a modern-day train hopper and a struggling single mother, brought together by their mutual love of music. Although the light romance drama has engaging moments, it feels like a familiar hybrid of Nicholas Sparks films and ABC primetime soap operas. (BKP: 4/5) Review by Associate… Continue reading JACKIE & RYAN


Like a long TV caper episode, but fun for all that. Katherine Heigl stars as a Jersey girl who starts working for her cousin the bail-bondsman after she loses her fancy sales job. Knowing nothing but her need for cash, “Stephanie” quickly learns how to shoot straight, keep her cool, & track down perps on the lam. And her… Continue reading ONE FOR THE MONEY