‘The Unicorn’ Brings Courage and Hope through the Music

Isabelle Dupuis and Tim Geraghty co-direct The Unicorn, a documentary about Peter Grudzien—the creator of the first openly gay country album. Dupuis and Geraghty’s film is not for the faint-hearted; it digs deep into a family wrought with mental disturbances where the musician finds his sole escape in the world of his music. (KIZJ: 3.5/5)


When 91-year-old Holocaust survivor Joe Feingold donates his 70-year-old violin to a collection drive for NYC schoolchildren, he never expected that it would fall into the hands of a very special girl at a very unique school. Joe’s Violin captures an emotional inter-generational story and is witness to history being passed over from an elderly Jewish… Continue reading JOE’S VIOLIN


Ho Mann Jahaan is a 3-hour dramatic Pakistani coming of age story, delivered by a directing team that includes filmmaker Shehrazade Sheikh. Three friends seek to pursue music together once they graduate from college. But outside pressures build, and pursuing their dream of music within a conservative culture may not be as easy as planned.… Continue reading HO MANN JAHAAN


Directed by Laura Bialis Rock in the Red Zone is a powerful documentary that will open your eyes to the harsh realities facing the border town of Sderot, Israel. Faced with bombardment from the Gaza strip, citizens of the small town live in a constant state of anxiety, but through music, are able to express… Continue reading ROCK IN THE RED ZONE


Written by Meaghan Oppenheimer and Max Joseph, We Are Your Friends may surprise you. The music-driven drama follows “Cole” (Zac Efron) as he pursues his career as a DJ. One day he meets a force in the industry who may have the power to change his career, but all may be lost when Cole falls… Continue reading WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS