Zoe Saldana stars as famed musician Nina Simone in the later part of her 70-year life. She drinks, smokes and falls into a vessel of self-destructive behavior. But despite Saldana’s efforts and the remaining – and impressive – supporting cast, Cynthia Mort’s script misses the mark. (BKP 3/5) Review by Associate Editor Brigid K. Presecky… Continue reading NINA


1978: A mother with two young daughters copes as best she can with decisions made in more innocent times. Her husband is suffering from BiPolar Disorder, and “living on love” is no longer an option… First-time filmmaker Maya Forbes has written and directed a beautiful tribute to her extraordinary parents who–despite it all–managed to steer both her… Continue reading INFINITELY POLAR BEAR


I arrived expecting the worst only to find myself charmed by this zany homage to Harrison Ford which begins by riffing Raiders of the Lost Ark then quickly morfs into an update of the original Star Wars (now called Episode IV). With no clue how any of this mapped to the actual Marvel mythology, I just settled in &… Continue reading GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY