Carole1979: Politically passionate French teenager (Soko) convinces her cousin (Lippmann) to travel with her to the USSR.

By day they pretend to be honeymooners. At night they meet-up with Jewish dissidents.

Multi-dimensional film co-written & co-directed by Philippe Kotlarski captures the collision of idealistic youths with those worn down by life in a totalitarian state. (JLH: 4.5/5)

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Top Photo:¬†“Carole” (Soko) tries to be play “the sophisticate,” but the reality of her grim surrounding soon begins to wear down her pretenses.

Bottom Photo:¬†Carole & “Jerome” (Jeremie Lippmann) arrange their evening meet-ups based on a list Carole memorized before they left Paris. Every time he calls someone, Jerome announces himself as follows: “This is your ‘friend from France’.”

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