BIG EYES (2014): Review by Jan Lisa Huttner

1958. You are living in a tract house in a northern California suburb. Your husband is at work. With a sudden burst of energy, you pack a few bags, hustle your daughter into the car, and drive as far and as fast as you can. You are a painter with decades of training in your… Continue reading BIG EYES (2014): Review by Jan Lisa Huttner

BIG EYES: The Pushback

It started in the NYWIFT Q&A I attended on December 14th…¬†One of the members of the audience stood up and told screenwriters Scott Alexander & Larry Karaszewski that they had been unfair to Walter: “You did hours of interviews with Margaret, but you didn’t have an opportunity to interview Walter. Don’t you think you have… Continue reading BIG EYES: The Pushback