Len and Company is Tim Godsall’s film (co-written with Katharine Knight) about a famed music producer and his somewhat disastrous relationships with his timid son, his troubled protégé, and an unlikely teenage friend. It’s not quite a story but it’s fun. The wry dialogue is entertaining, even though the emotional developments of most of these characters are awkward… Continue reading LEN & COMPANY


Debut feature by  Gia Coppola (the 3rd generation of Coppola filmmakers) focuses on the relationship between two teenage boys — “Teddy” (Jack Kilmer) and “Fred” (Nat Wolff) — who egg each other on to ever more dangerous behavior (drinking, drugs, reckless driving, etc). Kilmer and Wolff are both good, charismatic young actors, but Palo Alto… Continue reading PALO ALTO