Written and directed by Alice Winocour, Disorder follows a soldier back from Afghanistan as he struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder and coping with hallucinations and hearing loss. Through the help of some friends, “Vincent” (Matthais Schoenaerts) secures a job as a member of a security team to earn some extra cash. The job seems simple:… Continue reading DISORDER


U.S. Customs official “Robert Mazur” (Bryan Cranston) infiltrates the world’s largest cartel to expose an international money-laundering scheme. Based on true events, screenwriter Ellen Sue Brown delivers a compelling narrative—although the convoluted plot at times distracts from the action. Nonetheless, The Infiltrator, directed by Brad Furman, is one to watch for fans of the crime… Continue reading THE INFILTRATOR


Directed and co-written by French filmmaker and actress Fabienne Berthaud, Sky follows “Romy” (Diane Kruger) as she drives through the open skylines and cities of the American Southwest. Romy is newly separated from her stifling marriage, and she searches for meaning in her new adventures. The fascinatingly dark characters she meets, along with a beautiful… Continue reading SKY