A widow sheltered from reality for decades by a indulgent but old fashioned husband must learn to start life anew in Lorene Scafaria’s lovely new film The Meddler. Much like her first feature Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, The Meddler takes its time introducing offbeat characters who seem all wrong but turn out to be… Continue reading THE MEDDLER


Disney Animation has done it again, breaking records with their new release Zootopia. The film tells the story of one young rabbit, “Judy Hopps” (Ginnifer Goodwin) who is determined to prove herself as the first bunny on the ZPD police force. And when someone begins to target and kidnap predators, Judy just may have her… Continue reading ZOOTOPIA


Director Jennifer Yuh Nelson’s Kung Fu Panda 3 reunites “Po” (Jack Black) with his biological father, “Li Shan” (Bryan Cranston) in an enjoyable, heartwarming third installment of the Dreamworks franchise. (BKP: 4.5/5) Review by Associate Editor Brigid K. Presecky When “Master Shifu” (Dustin Hoffman) announces his retirement, he hands the reigns over to Po …… Continue reading KUNG FU PANDA 3


Review of Murder of a Cat by Associate Editor Brigid K. Presecky Gillian Greene’s bizarre, unfunny Murder of a Cat has a pretty straightforward plot: the murder of a cat. In an attempt to be a spoof on who-dun-its with a splash of 90s sitcom nostalgia, the wacky plot fails completely and wastes significant talent… Continue reading MURDER OF A CAT