Director Guari Shinde’s Dear Zindagi is a refreshing take on the romantic comedy, where romance exists but is not all we see from our female protagonist “Kaira” (Alia Bhatt). Kaira is driven in her career as a cinematographer, but when a setback forces her to move back home, she is able to finally confront her… Continue reading DEAR ZINDAGI


Jillian Elizabeth and Neil Dalal’s documentary enters the world of a spiritual Indian ashram (or monastery, in other cultures) as they capture day-to-day life in Arsha Vidya Gurukalam. While enlightening and informative, watching a lengthy film on meditation may lull you into a peaceful, deep sleep. (BKP: 3/5) Review by Associate Editor Brigid K. Presecky… Continue reading GURUKULAM


Written by Ayesha DeVitre and director Shakun Batra, Kapoor and Sons is an entertaining Indian drama about family, love, and loss…with a good few laughs thrown in for good measure of course! Two estranged brothers, who are opposites in almost every way, find themselves both back home again when a family health scare demands their… Continue reading KAPOOR AND SONS


Written by a team of writers including Natasha Sahgal, and directed by Bejoy Nambiar, Wazir is quite an odd combo—part action film, part Chess playing drama. When a cop loses his young daughter from the bullet of criminal he was after, he befriends an old man who also lost his daughter at the hands of… Continue reading WAZIR


Writer/Director Afia Nathaniel captures a mother’s fierce protection of her 10-year-old daughter by escaping an arranged marriage and fleeing the oppressive cultures of Pakistan. Translated in English to Daughter, the heartfelt and hopeful story can resonate with audiences around the globe. (BKP: 4.5/5) Review by Associate Editor Brigid K. Presecky Set in a small village… Continue reading DUKHTAR


This Changes Everything is a well-intentioned documentary written by Naomi Klein that boasts an important message about the realities of climate change. Unfortunately, the film’s emotional execution is sadly lacking. (JEP: 3.5/5) Review by Contributing Editor Jessica E. Perry This Changes Everything was directed by Avi Lewis and written by Naomi Klein. The documentary is… Continue reading THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING