Written by director Joan Carr-Wiggin and Savitri Gordian, Happily ever After is a story about friendship, family, and coming home. “Heather” (Janet Montgomery) had successfully escaped her small town. But when her father’s health-scare calls her back into town, Heather reflects back on all she’s missed and friendships she’s lost. (JEP: 3.5/5) Review by Contributing… Continue reading HAPPILY EVER AFTER


From screenwriters Dana Verde, Brandon Broussard, and Gary Hardwick comes The Perfect Match, a haphazard attempt at a watchable romantic comedy. “Charlie” (Terrence Jenkins) is your typical playboy who insists that love just isn’t for him. That is, until he meets the beautiful “Eva” (Cassie Ventura). But even for a playboy, love is never easy.… Continue reading THE PERFECT MATCH


Ho Mann Jahaan is a 3-hour dramatic Pakistani coming of age story, delivered by a directing team that includes filmmaker Shehrazade Sheikh. Three friends seek to pursue music together once they graduate from college. But outside pressures build, and pursuing their dream of music within a conservative culture may not be as easy as planned.… Continue reading HO MANN JAHAAN


Jenny has come out to everyone in her life, except for her conservative family. Moved to stop living a lie, Jenny proposes to her girlfriend and finds the strength to tell her parents the good news. But they do not take it well, and the characters struggle with the shift in their world, coming to… Continue reading JENNY’S WEDDING