Under the leadership of child-fearing, type A, borderline alcoholic, “Annie” (Melanie Lynskey), four couples return to a sprawling childhood summer home for a weekend away. But the weekend getaway is actually an artful guise for a marital intervention the group has planned for one of the couples. As tensions run high, friendships are tested and… Continue reading THE INTERVENTION


Written by director Joan Carr-Wiggin and Savitri Gordian, Happily ever After is a story about friendship, family, and coming home. “Heather” (Janet Montgomery) had successfully escaped her small town. But when her father’s health-scare calls her back into town, Heather reflects back on all she’s missed and friendships she’s lost. (JEP: 3.5/5) Review by Contributing… Continue reading HAPPILY EVER AFTER


Ho Mann Jahaan is a 3-hour dramatic Pakistani coming of age story, delivered by a directing team that includes filmmaker Shehrazade Sheikh. Three friends seek to pursue music together once they graduate from college. But outside pressures build, and pursuing their dream of music within a conservative culture may not be as easy as planned.… Continue reading HO MANN JAHAAN


Directed by Catherine Harwicke and written by Morwenna Banks, Miss You Already is an emotionally poignant film about two best friends “Jess” (Drew Barrymore) and “Milly” (Toni Collette) who have stayed close through thick and thin. But everything changes when Milly is diagnosed with breast cancer, and the two struggle to deal with this new… Continue reading MISS YOU ALREADY